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eleven songs recorded with one mic in an hour and a half
we don't own any rights for the cover songs of course, so this whole thing is free to download.
one more dollar is gillian welch's
the water is johnny flynn's
red rocking chair, fare the well and the riddle song are old, so i'm guessing public domain, though credit is given to modern interpreters in the track listing

the rest are joshua's and katie's

art found at nativeline.com/Untitled-Weaving. no credit given. i'll try to contact them asap.

joshua & katie


released December 22, 2014

joshua marcus - vocals, banjo, uke
katie miller - vocals, guitar


all rights reserved



Joshua Marcus Providence, Rhode Island

joshua marcus loves cooking with and for friends, all things musical, making art with shapes, and getting out of one's brain. and the ocean. and genuineness.

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Track Name: if you only work with what you have
Pull your body outwards from the magnets
Walk until your legs cease or your mind is left alone
Then what? Run

Go into the place you seldom go
Head into the darkness and push through the noise
Unclothed, unformed

You only work with what you have

Troll desert your bridge post
Send your body reeling you rot in your comfort zone
And lo and behold, crow

Poles- true north
Somewhere there's another eating all that I cast off
When's their winter come? Our equinox

Who can see the moment my breath ends
I can feel the sweat slat mask me in
You can smell your scent on rare occasions
We can taste the tension on our skin

You only work with what you have
Would you recognize a grander plan?
When would you adjust your hardened hat?
If you only work with what you have
Track Name: oysters
Every time you call, I’m already asleep
You wake me up with your dreams and the secrets that you keep
But I’d rather see you in the morning
Ill bring you oysters and watermelon
Sitting in the backyard in the sunshine
Shucking oysters spitting seeds passing time

Every time you call I’m already asleep
You wake me up with your kind words and slurred speech
But I’d rather see you in the morning
Even though by then you’ll have forgotten
Or remember that you called at all

You say you’ve changed
Well it’s hard for me to see
Nothing but beer in the kitchen
Angle grinder on the stove.
Track Name: string of ridges hope
My hands a telling sign of age
The scent of sage distracts me bite your lip
Wait for me grave

I always see horizons
Just as the sun is fading, string of ridges hope
About face this boat

My gut’s a mix of buttered beans
and butterflies and queasy fleas
Feasting leaches draining me
of sleep and peace and please

Tell me what is on your floor
The cutting room the secret door
What did you file away before
You left for other islands

You cannot exit if you tried
The stunting blue light bleeds collective eyes
Arm hairs entwine

Not without weight, chest pressed and whispers
Not without ample time to stew
You drew a faint outline there

Tell me what…

Whisper what is on your mind
The decent thoughts we’re told to hide
The ones that made you come alive
That you’ll mix with your ashes

And I’ve got a string caught up in your weave
I’m forgetting all of my reasons for being
Yeah I’ve got a string caught up in your weave…da.da.dumb.da.dumb.da.dumb

When do you weigh the pros and cons
What one thing makes you barrel on and on
You’re gone before you know it

My throats gone raw from saying things
Aloud that I wouldn’t waste my dreams on
Soap scrub fear blood hope

Whisper what…
My gut’s a mix….
And I’ve got a string….
Track Name: crumbling or stars
Swing back so hard
Crumbling beneath the stars
Sweet Sweet false start
Brittle arms break apart

Can I count the ways
That I’ve come to stay
Shed all the anchors
Dive thorough the waves

As I cross this street
Take your hands with me
Skittish and alarmed
arm in arm

How you shine
am I half blind
Death to the bird songs
Go now headstrong
Track Name: an oxbow lake
I've a lot of living
Indenting the same cushion
Missing you
Missing youth

But I am not the wolf
Nor the crimson hood
Push me down
Take my body

I am flush with blood
I stink as an animal
Take me back
Claw my back

And death spreads as a plague
And life like spider bites
You suck the snails
But spit the venom

Inst. Chorus line

And I'm not splitting hairs
And I'm not splitting wood
Not splitting up
Not splitting particles

I'm a water wheel
I'm an oxbow lake
Around ambition
Around desire

It is I who cast this spell of stone
I who freezes in the headlights
I got angry, I got sad, I held back
Tangled in the webs we've wove

I'm a lot of living
Orbiting conditions
Missing youth
Missing abandon

I am not the wolf
Nor am I the duck
And I'm not Peter
I'm the grandfather

It is I who sang a worried song
I who did just what you told me
I got quiet I’ve grown distant. I held back
Tangled in the webs we’ve wove
Track Name: all the grippings of your nail marks return to shape
When the night comes
I want to be the one to hold you in the ear
Stop sharing stories through the interfering waves
Oh heads not headphones

As the light goes
And all the grippings of your nail marks return to shape
And all the hardness of your heart erodes and breaks off

The world will keep going growing and rotting without our interventions
I don’t think most people will pay us mind or even notice
The sides of your eyes have that certain night fatness
Rest till morning comes, let your life die in this day

As we wrinkle
And the times we hold most dear fade into fog
As my eye skin starts to seep o’er where I see
Come in close

Our teeth crumble
And our talents seldom wax and likely wane
Hold an outstretched arm and I will do the same
Hum the notes


And all that I have done someday will be erased by plants or man
And all the fighting and all the shakes, oh lay me down, lay down this heavy head.

In a lifeboat
What would you take if you were never to return?
What would you leave behind and rather gladly so
Would you take a rope?

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